Spinalonga & Ag. Nicholaos

Driving east, along the north coast, we reach the charming little city of Agios Nicholaos.

The beautiful bay, the colorful streets and especially the unique fresh-water lake in the center of the town, make Agios Nicholaos to one of the loveliest cities on our island.

Every Monday.

At the port of Agios Nicholaos we take a ship and sail to the island of Spinalonga. The pleasant boat trip lasts approximately one hour. This small island is nowadays worldwide well-known as the last European leper colony (1950). We have enough time to visit the impressive Venetian fortress and walk between the remains.


08:00 - 19:30


30 €

Early booking 25 €

Extras: 10 € for the boat (including lunch).

Entrance fees to the island 8 €.

Children half price.


Route map

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