Knossos & Museum

Close your eyes and try to imagine the palace of Knossos! A unique palace surpassing any other in Europe in grandeur and luxury on Bronze Age: 22.000 sq. meters, 1.500 rooms, 5 floors in some areas, large yards, theatre, workshops, store rooms.

Every Wednesday & Saturday.

The first king lived in this palace was Asterion with his wife Evropi (Europe). One hundred years ago King Minos and Knossos were just name in the myths and legends of the ancient Greeks. Then in the year 1900 Sir Arthur Evans began to dig on a hill called “Kefala” just behind of Iraklio and discovered the lost civilization of the Minoans. The palace of Knossos stands today, a tribute to the vision of this pioneering archeologist, ready to amaze the visitor. The brilliance of the Minoans, however, can best be appreciated by a tour of the archeological museum of Iraklio where the findsfrom all the major Minoan sites are collected. An expert guide will lead you through this labyrinth and thread the way with stories and explanations that bring these clever and graceful people to life.

You also have ample time to explore the bustling town of Iraklio, the capital of Kriti, with its Venetian fortifications, narrow, winding back streets and lively market.


08:30- 17:30


32 €

Early booking 25 €

Children half price.

Extras 15 € for the entrance to the palace, 10 € for the entrance to the museum, or 16 € (for both).

Entrance to both free for children

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