Cretan evening

Our Cretan evening is a very nice and a very pleasant way to get to know better the real Cretan life and especially the traditional Cretan food, music and dance.

We spend the pleasant evening at the village of Argiroupolis, well-known for its fresh water springs and many beautiful little cascades.

Every Tuesday.

Reaching our destination we make first a nice, easy walk, to admire the real natural works of art and, at the same time, to take some fantastic photographs. It follows a short visit of a very interesting cave, where is one of the main fresh-water springs and a little church, which is a kind of the trade mark of the place.

After that we start the nicest, the most pleasant part of the evening. We go to a beautiful village tavern to enjoy a traditional Cretan dinner and the typical, worldwide-known Cretan wine. At the same time the musicians and the dancers start with their interesting and very amusing program.

Late in the night, full of unforgettable impressions we take our coach and go back home.


17:30 - 24:00


35 €

Including dinner. Children 4 to 10 25 €.


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