Jeep Safari

There are two ways of participating in a JEEP SAFARI. The first is to be a self-driver (or if you're not driving to be a passenger) following the other jeeps with a guide and the second is with a driver-guide.

JEEP SAFARI: "self drive" or "with driver"
Departure from Georgioupolis, Bali or Rethymno
Pass Giannoudi (off road)
Stop at the Prasses canyon (off road)
Pass the lake of Potami
Stop at the gorge of Agios Antonios for coffee
Pass through the mountains of Patsos & Carines (off road)
Stop at the top of the mountain, taking pictures
Pass the small village of Mourne
Pass the village of Drimiskos
Drive through the mountains parallel to Lybian sea (off road)
Lunch in a traditional tavern at Ligres
Stop for swimming at the Libyan Sea
Visit the palm forest of Preveli
Pass - stop in the Kourtaliotiko gorge
Stop at Tria Monastiria
Return to Georgioupolis, Rethymno or to Bali

* The jeep takes 4 persons. If you are 3 people, it is possible to be in two different jeep or the same jeep with another person as well. If you prefer to be only 2-3 persons in a jeep, each empty place costs 30 €. The guides speak English, German, Dutch and French.

** The driver speaks English.

Note for self-drivers: You must be at least 23 years old, with a valid driver's license.


09:00 - 17:00


For self-driving *:

72 € for adults 55 € for children

(transfer & lunch included)

With a driver **:

75 € for adults 55 € for children

(transfer & lunch included)

Route map

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